Sunset Dominion

The Calm

Nan 38 - Deh 10, 1255

While they slept in Kitte, Rahu reached spoke to members of the group, questioning their tarrying. They spoke very little to him, and the group remained divided over how much to aid and follow him. But Samyell, Nemah, and the rest of the Knights soon returned, having received Ana‘s bird messenger. Though the group withheld mention of Rahu, they were able to convince Samyell that the gnomes in the Dark Heart posed no threat – indeed, nearly all of them perished during Jarl’s strange experiments. Samyell agreed that the Beacon needed to be notified immediately and he and Nemah would go with the party to Long Fall.

As they left the woods for the Gap, Ana reecountered one of the snow spiders the party had met on the journey back from Youhan. She learned from him that beasts were beginning to return to the woods now that Jarl was dead and Rahu no longer influencing the Dark Heart. However, some of the beasts were altered, like the winter wolf the party encountered in the Youhan labyrinth. With her previous recognition of the elemental dimension, Ana came to believe that the dimensions were beginning to bleed together.

It was decided to spend two nights in the Gap, during which Samyell held conversation with the displaced Kitte gnomes and Vilhelm (with a little help from Ana) put on a couple shows. The gathered residents rewarded the actors with what gold they could spare and the entertainment provided a welcome respite for the dwarves and gnomes, especially those who had been forced to leave behind Kitte.

Back in the capital, Ferk, Gunnar, and Ana – as the only remaining original members of the expedition – went to the Lighthouse during the night to speak with the Beacon in private. They shared the loss of Mumford and the encounter with Jarl/Rahu, as well as revealing the two new companions met in the wilderness. Though the Beacon was displeased that they (and Samyell) had entered the Dark Heart against his orders, the news of a powerful warlock, a strange experiment, and a rival deity fascinated him. He took leave for the night, to be prepared for the coming conversation with the whole group. In that talk, the presence of Rahu was revealed to all and put the Knights on edge. It was decided that the party would visit the elves in Frozen Point to seek further information, the Knights would return to their patrols with a new enemy to watch for, and the Beacon would put his efforts into study and keeping the Light Warden from prying too deeply.

As it was on their way, and provided convenient cover for their journey, our adventurers stopped in Fieldhaven and inspected the building progress of their new ship. They discovered that five others were meant to accompany them, that supplies were intended to last just over a month, and that seeds were being packaged for planting in the new world (though Berron, the ward of Fieldhaven, doubted they would find anything beyond the known continent).

Eager to complete their mission, they moved on the next day to Frozen Point, climbing its treacherous inclined “road” and keeping an eye out for the flying wolves rumored to live on the slopes. The town itself was surrounded by a tall iron wall and the party struggled to even get attention from residents who could grant them entrance. Once inside, the escort was strong and vigilant, walking the group through a spiraled town layout to the largest building in the center of town, though it seemed initially to be a single room with naught but a desk within. Gilmarie, the Keeper, greeted them coolly and briefly interrogated them about their purpose. Convinced they were generally harmless, he granted them access to the massive subterranean library beneath his feet, though they were to search for only two hours and head towards the section on light and darkness.

Climbing down into the catacombs, the party discovered an extensive network of rooms, halls, rotundas, and stairs where hundreds of thousands of scrolls were stored, some clearly dating back over a millennium. Following Gilmarie’s directions, they discovered first a wall mural depicting a civilization interacting with animal headed gods which was later abandoned by those gods and stranded in a barren land. Moving on, they came to a room housing several texts mentioning both Astrid and Rahu. Ferk, Gunnar, and Ana focused on a journal that seemed to offer the possibility of contacting Astrid; Vilhelm and Agave copied a scroll with details on worshiping Rahu.

Back in the town, the group was given quarters in an empty home near the entry gate. Agave, though, knew the town and had connections, so was able to provide a place for dinner and conversation. Ana was also able to convince Gilmarie that she was sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled to benefit from a conversation with a local alchemist. Celesar met with her in the evening and offered to provide several necessary equipment kits and what knowledge should could share about using them. Of course, Celesar had something to ask of the group: she asked them to visit the gryphons who lived on the cliffs outside Frozen Point to retrieve a gryphon egg, some gryphon feathers, and some hoppers (rare poisonous toads the gryphons eat). The party retired for the evening with plans to attempt this mission come morning.


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