Sunset Dominion

Out of the Cold

Nan 30-38

Waking in Jarl’s laboratory, the party was anxious to leave Youhan and return to the settlements of Bouvet with the information they had gained about the gnomes and Rahu. They followed the marks left to return them to the side entrance. From their, they turned due north, but were wary of a storm lying between them and the Last Forest. They navigated around it to the west, but thus encountered the deep snow left in its wake, which Gunnar and Vilhelm navigated with their Winterland Boots and Agave solved with Tenser’s Floating Disk. As they walked, they came upon several gnomes frozen to death by the storm and covered in snow. Searching the body, the party discovered one of the two gnomes they had previously encountered and let go with a note. It was clear that something had gone wrong between him and his kin, but it seemed the other messenger may have escaped to complete his mission.

Reaching the edge of the Forest, our adventurers encountered two large snow mounds which not-so-secretly concealed giant snow spiders. Gunnar was attacked and frozen by one before Ana was able to cast Animal Friendship and appease the creatures with an ample supply of Goodbugs. Quick attempts to revive Gunnar failed, but he came to after a rest by a warm fire under cover of the trees. From there, the walk to Kitte was straightforward. The settlement was even emptier than before and the group may have missed the few remaining gnomes entirely if not for magical guide lights sent out by the old gnome introduced to them by Samyell.

In a small space underground, the party learned that Samyell had received the note and thus set off for Youhan immediately. The group explained all they had discovered and clarified that the gnomes and Jarl were no threat to the people of Bouvet. Ana prepared an animal messenger to get the news to Samyell and bid him return to Kitte. While they waited for the Knights, the group watched the aurora come and go (centering itself over the icy labyrinth they only recently escaped), and Vilhelm and Agave aided the last few Kitte gnomes in their move to the Gap.

Alone in the abandoned forest settlement, our adventurers discussed their reactions to Rahu and potential plans for the future. Ferk was specifically interested in sharing the information with the High Beacon, though everyone worried about the Light Warden’s potential reaction. Some proposed that Rahu’s plan for dimensional travel could instead be used to summon Astrid, whom Gunnar wanted to attempt contacting as soon as possible. In the end, they sat in wait for Samyell and considered the upcoming ocean voyage in a new light.


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