Jarl, Warlock of Rahu

Gnome Warlock


This gnome was enticed away from Kitte by Rahu, Lord of Darkness, who promised him great power. Jarl was indeed imbued with otherworldly magic and given the influence to construct a great stronghold dug into the Arid Steppe. However, his familiar – a blue wolf – kept watch on him constantly and his Lord demanded he experiment to create a device that would allow travel between dimensions. Rahu’s voice echoed in Jarl’s head constantly and testing the experimental devices killed nearly all the gnomes Jarl had brought with him to Youhan. Thus, the warlock toiled away alone, wielding great power but suffering great fear. In the end, Rahu willingly sacrificed his loyal vessel the moment the gnome was of no more obvious use.


Jarl, Warlock of Rahu

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