Sunset Dominion

Meeting the High Beacon

Nan 8, 1255

Our adventurers gathered at the Lighthouse in Long Fall for their initial meeting withthe High Beacon. The Beacon explained that a mysterious ship was recently spotted well out to sea, heading eastward. It is the desire of the Light Warden, leader of the Temple of the Light, that a party be formed to pursue the ship, to discover what people may pilot it and from what land it may derive. A vessel and crew are already being prepared for the mission.

However, the Warden requested a small test before any will be accepted to undertake the costly and dangerous voyage into the great ocean. On their way to the Temple island, they wil enter the underground cavern of Ingell, home to the dark dwarves who turned away from Astrid some 300 years ago. In those depths remains the Arch Light, an ancient relic of the Temple which the dwarves are deemed unworthy to possess. The party is to retrieve the Sun Stone from Ingell before meeting the ship to the Temple island at the old dwarven port far below.


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