Gunnar Lindquist

Wood Elf Paladin of Astrid, The Green Devotee


While mostly average sized for an Elf, Gunnar has startling red hair that he tries his best to maintain at all times. He’s usually seen carrying his Round shield emblazoned with the rising sun on the front, a gift from his family when he finally took his oaths as a paladin of Astrid. He has a large scar going his face below his right eye, from an attack by a dire wolf when he was young.

Upon first glance, many would assume Gunnar to be your average guard, big muscles and little brain, he seems to easy lose focus on even simple things with his eyes always darting about. Little do they know that his is ever vigilant, always keeping an eye out for any sign of trouble. When the day is done and it’s time to be relieved of his shift, he can always be found at the local tavern, entertaining the villagers with his lute and a quick joke.


Gunnar is son to one of the greatest (In his mind) loggers in Wood’s reach. When he was young, his father would always take him into the woods and teach him about everything he could. From trees and plants to insects and beasts, there was soon nothing that Gunnar thought he didn’t know about the woods of his home.

While out on one of their usual adventures, Gunnar and his father were set on by dire wolves. If not for a group of guards who were with High Beacon on one of his tours of the outlying Lighthouses, he most likely would have perished. As it was he came out attack with a menacing scar and a fear of the unnaturally large beast that sometimes stalk amongst the trees.

After being saved by the Paladins of Astrid, he quickly swore into their service, doing anything he could to repay them for the lives of him and his father. He rose up the ranks, learning everything he could about Astrid and the knights that serve her. Eventually he was able to join the order and become a full paladin himself, taking an oath to protect all, swearing to uphold the honor and courage that called him to the church in the first place.

After serving as a protector of the local lighthouse for a number of years, Gunnar has developed a need to experience more than Wood’s Reach can give him. He quickly set off for Long fall when he heard the High Beacon’s call for adventurers, a chance to experience lands no one from Bouvet has seen before all while serving Astrid is just what he needed.

Gunnar Lindquist

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