Ferk Sturluson

Wood Elf Criminal Rogue; The "Master" Thief


Small but well built Elf. Tanned skin despite the lack of sun. Copper hair that is cut medium length. Face, hands, and hair often covered in soot to darken them.


Born in Wood’s Reach to a small merchant family. When he was 10, Ferk was brought along on a trade caravan to Long Fall. While there, he ran off with a group of local children. The caravan left for Wood’s Reach without me.

He soon fell in with the other children in a small gang of homeless children. The group soon turned to minor crimes to sustain themselves. He excelled at pick-pocketing and quickly became the main income for the group. As they grew up, Ferk would always push himself to find bigger prizes in the small community.

During one such theft, the group was almost caught during their escape. One of the children was injured and caught. Ferk tried to go back to rescue, but the others stopped him. None of them saw the boy again. Thus, Ferk will NEVER leave one of histeam members or friends behind again.

As they grew up, several of the children moved on to more legitimate careers, but Ferk continued to steal as his main income until recently. He still has a habit of picking things up and fiddling with them, though he’s worked back to only small and (relatively) valueless items.

He is now attempting to work legitimately. He has answered the call from the High Beacon and the Church to do more for my community. He is also, of course, searching for bigger and better things to steal, but don’t tell the High Beacon.

Ferk Sturluson

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