Agave Orym

Half-Elf Warlock Archfey


Medium built but tall Half-Elf, with tan skin and golden eyes. Curly brown hair usually covered with flowers he likes to collect. Light spirited but it might be because he’s probably been drinking


Doesn’t much like staying in one place, as he’s never had a home, and doesn’t like the feel of one. He was fortunate enough to be taken in by the High Elves when he was abandoned as a babe, but left that cold place as soon as he was able.

He traveled all over in search of where he came from, not a hint departed from lips of the High Elves. Not having his own identity, however, proved troublesome in his travels, as it made him prone to mirroring ones he had come across. This resulted in trickery, mostly of a kind and fun nature, that led to friendships and lovers abound.

During one of his travel through the forest, he became lost. He didn’t mind being lost in the forest it was a familiar feeling, given that he was know to indulge in a drink or many, and wander. So while the feeling of a tipsy wander was familiar, the beautiful creature he encountered whilst there, was not. It was a genderless, dazzling creature full of light. Probably full of light. Ale can do that to you. He couldn’t seem to help himself and laid with this creature on a truly magical and bizarre night.

The next day he felt very different, almost as if he was finally somehow grounded. Little did he know that feeling came from being called upon to serve Titania the fey queen, which granted him great power as a warlock.

Now he tries to clean up his act a little, serving his Fey Queen and in search for some answers about his past. However he still enjoys a good ale and getting into trouble and into peoples pants.

Agave Orym

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